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Many wasps are solitary creatures that pose little threat to people. However, social wasps become a nuisance by taking over an area. They build large nests and fight tooth and stinger to defend it. If you encounter a wasp nest, steer clear as you may find yourself swarmed without warning.

Wasps play an important part in our local environment. They decrease the population of other insects such as spiders and irritating flies. Nest building begins in the springtime when the queen emerges from her winter slumber. As the nest begins to grow, it produces larvae through the foraging of proteins and sugars by the workers.

Usually by late summer, the colony’s growth slows, and the scavengers switch their focus to sugars. Swarms of wasps may be seen around trash cans, picnic areas, and other places where ripe fruits are accessible. This is when people are most often exposed because the flowers the wasps had been obtaining their nutrients from are no longer available.

Wasps are diligent defenders and persistent scavengers. If you encounter one looking for food at a picnic or gathering, attempting to swat at it may only serve to aggravate it. We’ve heard stories of wasps crawling into soda cans and stinging people in the mouth as they take a drink.

While painful, a single sting is not an immediate danger unless you have an allergic response. Typically, the swelling and pain will subside after a short time. In the event you experience multiple stings, you should seek professional medical help.

Wasp Nests

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Paper Wasp Nest Hanging Under Play Structure

Yellow jackets’ nests are commonly found underground in abandoned rodent holes and can appear in wall, ceiling, and roof cavities as well. A combination of saliva and wood fibers are used to build the structure. It is important not to get too close to their nest, as the wasps will become EXTREMELY defensive. Unlike bees’ stingers, wasps’ stingers do not have barbs, and thus, they can be used repeatedly for attacks. This can be extremely damaging should a wasp find its way inside your clothing!  If you’ve ever heard someone talk about “meat bees,” yellow jackets are what they are referring to.

Paper wasps look similar to yellow jackets, but their nests are usually found hanging under eaves and other protected areas rather than hidden underground or in voids.  Their nest looks like a honey comb and usually have some cells closed off and numerous wasps hanging on.  Paper wasps will gather food to feed the larvae inside.  Problems occur when the nest grows large enough to support numerous wasps or when the nest is near a doorway or other common area that is frequently traveled.


If you suspect you have a yellow jacket or paper wasp nest, the best solution is to call the professionals at Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control to perform wasp control in a safe  and efficient manner. This is especially important when dealing with large nest populations. Some yellow jacket colonies can reach upwards of 15,000! If you have just spotted a wasps’ nest late in the season, do not hesitate. Make the call today! You will be protecting you, your family, and unsuspecting pedestrians from potential wasp attacks.

Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control performs wasp control and yellow jacket control in Riverside, Corona, Norco, and Eastvale.

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