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Snake Removal

Snake Control & Removal

Rattlesnakes are a venomous species of snakes that are native to California. Their signature markings and warning rattle make them easily identifiable. While there are over six species, all share a triangular-shaped head. The rattler can be broken off, which means you should be wary that some snakes are rattlers without the rattle.

Snakes feed on rodents, birds, and small animals. They stay in the brush, tall grass, under rocks, and even out in the open. When hunting, the snake will wait for its prey to move close and use a quick, venom-injecting strike to subdue the target. These snakes have adapted heat and odor detection sensors to aid in their hunting efforts.

The venom is extremely harmful but rarely fatal. It is important to seek immediate medical help if you are bitten. Bite victims can experience extreme medical trauma. Dead rattlesnakes may still inject venom by reflex. Never handle a snake—even a dead one!

Be Careful Working In Your Yard
If you encounter a rattlesnake around your home, such as in a garden, rely on our snake removal service to protect you. Even baby rattlers can be extremely dangerous, especially to young children.

While the frequency of snake encounters varies by area and season, you can take steps to protect your property. One simple and effective solution is to install a snake-proof fence. In addition, you should keep the rodent population down, as this is their primary source of food.  We do rodent control as well if needed.

You can also make your yard unsuitable for snakes by removing their likely sources of shelter. Get rid of tall grass, rocks, lumber piles, and the like. Be careful though: make sure a rattlesnake has not already made its home there before you bend down and begin clearing the area.

Snake Control & Removal Methods
Examine your home for possible rattlesnake hideouts, especially if you are in an area known for having a large rattlesnake population. Cool, damp places found on properties, such as garages and basements, are attractive hideouts for snakes. Ensure your doors are sealed and foundations secured to keep out all potential pests.

Brave souls will sometimes try to dispose of a snake through blunt force. A club or shovel is typically the weapon of choice. However, we do not recommend you try a heroic move. These snakes can strike quickly and cause major damage. If you encounter a snake in the wild, simply pass it by or let it pass you. If you find a snake on your property, call the wildlife control experts at Go-Pher The Kill immediately.

We have safe and effective means of removing a snake without the risk of anyone being injured. We will also check for points of weakness where the snake may have been encouraged to enter the area. Do not risk injury; let us handle your snake removal needs!

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