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Pigeons were brought here from Europe. With their diverse diets, quick reproduction, ability to adapt, and no fear of people, they have become the perfect urban pest.  Aside from their droppings being an unsightly mess, their loud cooing and scratching on the roof makes them an undesirable bird to live with on a daily basis and the target of pigeon control efforts.

Here are a few examples of the risks and damage Pigeons cause.  Pigeon’s nests and droppings cause drains to get blocked.  This can cause water to accumulate in undesirable areas such as roofs, which can lead to leaks and substantial water damage.  Their droppings can actually eat the paint job on vehicles and can put humans at risk of getting Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, or Psittacosis.

The birds grow fond of particular sites, making it difficult to get rid of them.  Bird control begins by getting rid of mating pairs as soon as they make themselves apparent.  They birth often, which can turn a small problem into a large one very quickly.  Again, their adaptive nature makes removing nests a small trifle in the life of a pigeon.  They will lay their eggs anywhere!

With their determined nature, pigeons have been known to befuddle even the most experienced pest-control experts.  However, our team will match their willpower until your property is completely free from the pests.

Bird Control Options

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Pigeons Roosting on Roof

A number of humane options exist to prevent pigeons from making a home of your ledge, windowsill, or roof.  We at Go-Pher The Kill use a combination of habitat modification, exclusion products, and landing prevention tactics to prevent pigeons making your home or office their favorite hangout.

No two situations are the same, and pigeons are highly adaptable.  It may take testing out a few combinations to attain the desired results.

We understand your frustration and will work to solve the problem quickly and effectively.  All of the equipment and products we use are made from quality materials and has a proven record for success. Homemade options are a dime a dozen but rarely produce the desired results.


Whether this is your first time working with us, or we have handled your pest problems before, we are confident that we can meet your needs to your full satisfaction.  Call for a quote today!

Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control gets rid of pigeons and performs pigeon control in Riverside, Corona, Norco, and Eastvale.  If you are interested in learning more about pigeons, there are some interesting facts on this site.

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