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Pantry Pest Control in Riverside, CA

Indial Meal Moth Control Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale

Indianmeal Moth

When you think of pantry pests, mice may be the first thing that comes to your mind. Unfortunately, pantry pests are often much smaller than these little mammals, and may be able to do more damage.

When we talk about pantry pests, we are speaking primarily of pantry months, pantry beetles, meal moths, and grain beetles. While pantry moths and other small insects of the sort do not typically harm your property, they do harm your food, often rendering it non-consumable.

Different pantry pests ruin your food in different ways. Some, like the Indian Meal Moth, have larvae that produce both webbing and excrement. The warehouse beetle can leave its hair behind in foodstuffs, which humans can then consume. These hairs irritate the mouths and intestinal tracts of those who eat them unknowingly.

Most of these pests are general feeders. That is, they will eat anything that they can get into; even your spices aren’t safe. These pests often lay eggs in your stored food, which then hatch and grow in your consumables. Some of these insects are so small that you never get a chance to lay eyes on them. In fact, you may even blame the damage to your food on something else entirely.

If you notice damage to your food or its packaging or have food that consistently “goes bad” for no good reason, it’s time to call a professional pest control team.

Pantry Pest Control Services Offered

Rice Weevil Control Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale

Rice Weevils

In Riverside CA, we can get rid of pantry pests in your home. While none of these pests are dangerous to humans, no one wants to eat contaminated food. Along those lines, no one wants to get ill from eating contaminated food.

It can take a very focused and persistent effort to rid your home of pantry pests. Moths in the house can be a good indication that you have an issue. If you notice these insects, call us so that we can:

  • Offer Advice—We will inspect your cupboards and pantries and offer advice for better sanitation and storage options. The containers that you are currently using may not be efficient if you want to keep pantry pests out of your kitchen. Our team will show you how to properly seal and dispose of any damaged food containers.
  • Set Traps—Most pantry pest traps only attract a specific type of insect. This can be problematic if you have more than one type in your home. We will set the right traps for you and give you the knowledge necessary to maintain them.
  • Chemical Methods—Chemical methods are typically unnecessary in all but the most severe of infestation situations. If we suggest chemical management, you can rest assured that we believe it is the only way to rid you of your problem.


Pantry pests are not dangerous, but they are a nuisance. You are buying food to feed your family, not a colony of insects. If you believe that you have a problem with pantry pests inside of your kitchen and storage areas, call us today!

Go-Pher The Pest Control performs pantry pest control in Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale, and surrounding areas.

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Mike is the best so are all his guys. They have resolved my issues with speed and always worked around my schedule. They don't overcharge you and won't offer you something you don't need. I trust them fully. You won't be disappointed with their service. They will get rid of any pest problem you have.

 Harmony C.
Grand Terrace, CA

John came out right away and set multiple gopher traps. He was knowledgeable and thorough, even cleaning up the dirt from the gopher mounds. Looking forward to having these destructive rodents permanently removed!

Manish N.
Jurupa Valley, CA

Has a big mouse in my home, called Go PHER and Mike came with in few hours he set up traps and the next day the big mouse was trapped. Next day was Sunday and they were closed but called mike he came the same day and pickup the trap
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