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Opossum Control

Opossums are marsupials that are small to medium-sized, much like the size of a large, domestic cat.  They are typically a couple of feet long with narrow heads and long snouts.  Their rat-like tails are often as long as half of their body length.

These pests have coined the popular term “playing opossum” because they play dead when they are harmed or feel threatened.  They curl up and become stiff, bare their teeth, and keep their lips drawn back.  With foam around their mouth, they also secrete fluid from their anal glands that mimic the smell of an animal that has been dead for a while.

If you find an opossum on your property that appears dead, do not assume that it really is.  Their “play dead” pose is completely involuntary and can last for hours.  Although opossums are pretty slow, they are excellent climbers.  They will not hesitate to make your attic a home of their own.

Opossums carry a strong, unpleasant odor with them.  They are not exactly the cleanest of animals either.  It is not safe to let an opossum problem go because they can carry a number of different diseases and parasites.

Opossum Control Services Offered

Wildlife control is often required when opossums decide to set up camp on someone’s property.  Since there isn’t an effective spray to keep them away, animal trapping must be done to successfully rid your property of these unwanted pests.

These nocturnal nuisances can cause a lot of damage to your property even though they only live for a few years.  Do not underestimate them.  They may not appear smart but are actually quite resourceful and will eat almost anything to survive.  Some of the most common complaints we receive include:

  • Taking up residency under sheds
  • Entering the interior of the home
  • Finding a cozy place to live in an attic
  • Harassing pets and stealing their food
  • Stealing garbage on a consistent basis
  • Setting up housing under a deck or porch

Our professionals offer opossum control with the use of animal trapping.  We find that opossums are a little easier to catch than other pests because they are not very fast and are always on the lookout for another food source.

After we successfully complete our wildlife control process, we can relocate the opossums to another area of your property if desired.  Otherwise, we can remove them from your property.


Opossums must rely on their keen sense of hearing and smell to find their food and stay out of danger. Their poor vision helps opossum control experts successfully catch and relocate these animals in a short time frame.

Although opossums avoid confrontation and are peaceful in nature, they will not hesitate to bite with their 52 sharp teeth if they are provoked.  If that doesn’t work, they will “play opossum” until the threat of harm has passed.  Be safe, call today!

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