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Ground Squirrel Removal in Riverside

Ground Squirrel Control Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale CA

Ground Squirrel outside of its burrow

Ground squirrels cause substantial damage to landscaped areas and structures. They live in large colonies which can reach up to 20+ squirrels. They feed on food bearing and ornamental plants and can destroy gardens. Their holes measure around 41/2 inches in diameter and are left open. If you cover a burrow entrance with dirt it will usually be open again the next day. You will usually find more than one entrance leading to the same burrow. Squirrels use these entrances to flee from predators. Tunnel entrances tend to be found next to solid objects, such as a home foundation, wall, sidewalk, large rock, or a tree. Squirrels remove so much dirt that the integrity of any structure over the tunnel can be affected and may need costly repairs. Although squirrels are cute, they are susceptible to the plague and other diseases. They are wild animals which carry fleas, and the fleas can transmit the diseases to humans. It is best not to handle them without the proper protective equipment.

Squirrels are active during the day and spend time eating plants or gathering seeds, grains, or nuts. Their fur is a greyish brown with small white spots along its back, head, and shoulders. They are usually about 9 to 11 inches long and have a semi-bushy tail.

The Ground Squirrel Control Services We Offer Are As Follows

Squirrel Bait Stations: When you are located in an area susceptible to an endless supply of ground squirrels, like a large field, bait stations are a great choice for long term control. As squirrels make their way onto your property, they will find the bait and bring it back to their burrow where it is shared with others in their colony. Squirrel populations will not have a chance to build up to problematic levels. We will suggest the number or bait stations to be anchored down around your home or business. Once in place, we will monitor their activity on a regular basis and keep a fresh supply of bait for them to consume.

Squirrel Trapping: Typically, the first method we use to eliminate a heavy population of ground squirrels is trapping. Both our live squirrel traps and our kill squirrel traps can catch numerous squirrels (or even entire colonies) in just a few days. This method knocks the population down quickly and can be followed with bait stations to maintain long term control.

Tunnel Fumigation System™: In areas where we have access to all the burrow entrances we can use our Tunnel Fumigation System™ to eliminate them. This method uses a combination of carbon monoxide and a non-toxic additive that quickly fills the tunnel. After eliminating the ground squirrels, the gas will eventually dissipate without leaving any poison or bait behind.

Exclusion: In some cases, exclusion methods can be used to deny ground squirrels access to a particular area. Because ground squirrels can dig under and climb over objects, this may not always be a permanent solution for ground squirrel control.

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Ground squirrels can remain active throughout the majority of the year in Riverside so it is best to have your landscape monitored year-round. Go-Pher The Kill’s Regular Service Plan can help to guard your home or business against rodents such as ground squirrels.

Sign up for a free ground squirrel inspection or contact Go-Pher The Kill at (951) 977-8183 for more information and advice about ground squirrels. Go-Pher The Kill, Inc. Ground Squirrel Control Experts. Serving Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale and surrounding areas. Ground squirrel control Riverside CA.

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