Gopher Repellent Plants

November 23rd, 2013

We get asked this question a lot, “I heard that if I plant ‘insert plant name here’ it will keep the gophers off my property, is that true?” This is an honest question, and we understand why we are asked. Nobody wants gophers creating a mess of their lawn or garden. If there is a simple cost efficient way to keep them at bay, you can bet they will be right on it. A few of the plants that are used for this purpose are gopher purge, daffodils, castor bean, and garlic. So, is it true?

Let’s think about how that might work. Gophers are doing what they are programmed to do, and that is to survive and reproduce. The catch is, they are also programmed to live underground and have a diet that consists of plant material. So if you live underground and eats plants, it only makes sense that you are going to eat plant roots, right?  This is what gophers are notorious for.

Gophers continually dig tunnels looking for areas with an abundance of plants to eat. Now, what is it about that gopher purge plant that is going to keep a gopher away from your property? If you planted it in the front yard, what keeps him from the back? Maybe you planted the castor bean plants only where you really don’t want the gophers, around your vegetable garden. When the gopher comes across that area it has a choice, eat these plants that I really don’t like, or keep digging around until I find a plant that I do like. Given that decision, the gopher will almost always pick number two. Rarely will the gopher just pack his bags and be gone forever. The gopher will only eat these plants if there are no other food sources and it needs to survive.

Gopher repellent plants do not create a force field around themselves and your property, nor do they taste or smell bad enough to keep a gopher from digging right on by. While some plants are poisonous if eaten, gophers seem to know which ones to stay away from. No plants have been proven to work and you can find numerous discussions on the internet claiming both sides. You may want to read this gardener’s frustration with the lack of success of the plants she used to keep gophers away. Unfortunately, as much as we want an easy way to keep gophers from digging in our yard, planting “gopher repellent” plants just isn’t as easy as planting a “plant.”

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