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Log into your client portal, under support, click on ask a question or make a request. We will receive your request and can typically have someone out to you within 24 hours.

If we are doing a general pest control treatment outside, we usually recommend waiting for the product to dry before entering the area. Interior treatments are generally a bit longer, but each service is different and the technician can let you know the exact amount of time to wait.

Not necessarily. The dog(s) might show some curiosity towards the trap, but generally dogs will not bother the traps. To a dog, it's basically a peace a stainless steel in the ground. We mark our traps with a bright orange flag so that you will know where the traps are.

The bait is placed inside the burrows and never above ground. Your pets wont have access to the bait unless they dig it out and eat it.

Absolutely not. The CO is pumped directly into the burrows. Once the machine is turned off, the smoke dissipates and it's done within minutes. Anyone above ground will not be affected.

Log into your client portal. Under Support, click on ask a question or make a request. We'll get back to you with a date on your next service.

We generally send out an email the day before we come out. This way you know to leave us a key somewhere on the property, leave the gate unlocked for that day, or give us a key so that we can keep it on hand. We keep our keys in a lock box in the office where the technician picks them up before the service and returns them afterwards.

We typically need you to be home for the first service, after that most services are done on the exterior of the home and yard and you don't have to sit and wait for the pest control technician all day. If you must be home, we usually give a two hour window and that can be arranged by calling or emailing before your next appointment.

No, the lawn granules are so fine that they fall in between the blades of grass and onto the soil. Once the soil gets moisture or wet, the granules spead the tiny amounts of pesticide for ants, spiders, and other crawling insects. It does not harm mammals.

Absolutely not. The products we use inside will hold up a lot longer inside than the outside. And as long as the exterior is being maintained, the inside should be good. But if you do see some insects inside, then we can spot treat or place some monitors to find out where they are coming from.

You can log into your client portal and click on Add Credit Card. Remember to hit save.

Log into your client portal and click on "update my credit card".

We wish we could say no, but the fact is, if there is neighboring activity, then chances are you will see a new gopher in your yard in the near future.

This is a tough question to answer. We don't have a solution for stopping gophers forever, but we believe that a maintenance service with us is the best way to have a gopher-free yard.

If you got a one time service, you have a guarantee until a certain date. If the gopher(s) show up again within the guarantee, just call us up and we'll get right back out there. If you have a maintenance service, you can log into your client portal and under Support, click on Ask a question or make a request. We are notified immediately and we will schedule someone to get out there usually within 24 hours.

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