Carpet Beetle Control

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Carpet Beetle Control in Riverside CA

Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet Beetle Larvae ~3mm long

Carpet Beetle Control

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Carpet Beetle Control

You can find carpet beetles wherever suitable food exists. Carpet beetles are not particular about where they live, provided there is a food source. You find this type of dermestid in homes, museums, and even warehouses.

There are three species of carpet beetles common to California, and each species of beetle can cause significant damage to stored food, furs, fabrics, and carpet. These species are the varied carpet beetle, the furniture carpet beetle, and the black carpet beetle. Don’t concern yourself about which species you are dealing with; they are all controlled in the same way.

Contrary to what many people believe, the adult version of these insects does no damage to property. The most serious damage occurs when they are in the larval stage. These juvenile carpet beetles feed on leather, wool, silk, natural bristles on hairbrushes, fur, feathers, and pet hair. If it’s not a synthetic fiber, carpet beetle larvae will eat it and eventually destroy it.

Most home and business owners want to know how to control carpet beetles. More often than not, the best form of control is a professional exterminator. While there are over-the-counter products on the market, without the proper knowledge and training, spraying these products in the wrong areas can put you at risk for unnecessary exposure without successfully controlling the carpet beetles.

With specially formulated dust products, we can eliminate carpet beetles from just about every crevice of your home. We treat wall voids, attics, and other inaccessible places if necessary.

The varied carpet beetle can remain in the larval stage for up to 630 days. That is roughly two years of eating through your precious items. The black carpet beetle remains in the larval stage for up to 330 days and the furniture carpet beetle for up to 94 days. Imagine the amount of damage that these insects can do in that amount of time.

If you believe that you have a carpet beetle problem on your hands, call our professional team today. We are here to help you ride your structure of these insects for good. Call now!

Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control performs carpet beetle control in Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale, and surrounding areas.

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Carpet Beetle Control Services Offered

Because they are able to find food in the most obscure places, carpet beetles can be very difficult to control. Proper sanitation and exclusion are often effective at controlling these pests. At times, the application of professional-grade insecticides is necessary to eradicate the problem completely.

When you need to eliminate carpet beetles from your home or business, our team offers the following services:

  • Traps—We will lay sticky traps around the interior of your structure to determine the source of the carpet beetles. These traps are effective for monitoring the successful use of other control agents as well.
  • Elimination—Once we locate the main sources of the carpet beetle infestation, we will remove all of the insects that we can. We will then make suggestions regarding interior and exterior sanitation. We can also offer guidance as to the safe storage of fabric items.
  • Interior Treatment—We can often get into places that you cannot. With specially formulated dust products, we can eliminate carpet beetles from just about every crevice of your home. We treat wall voids, attics, and other inaccessible places if necessary.

What Our Pest Control Customers Are Saying

  • Carpet Beetle Control  I am so impressed with the professionalism and the efficiency of this company. Gophers were destroying our yard and within the first week they caught 4. I am so happy with the 30 day guarantee because I have had to call two more times after the initial trapping (gophers like our yard)They showed up when they said they would and took care of business. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!!

    Carpet Beetle Control Laurie S.

    Carpet Beetle Control  I had the front and backyard sprayed for black widows. The tech was knowledgeable, professional and on time. I hope not see anymore creepy crawlers.

    Carpet Beetle Control Scott S.

    Carpet Beetle Control  I was having problems with spiders and ants! I called and spoke to Mike and he sent a technician named Nic the same day. Nic was here for over an hour taking down webs and servicing my home. He was very friendly and thorough and advised me on what I could expect in the next couple of days. So far I'm happy with the results, I would highly recommend using their service and will be signing up on a ongoing service. Thanks guys you guys are awesome!

    Carpet Beetle Control Jeannette B.
  • Carpet Beetle Control  This was my second time using GoPher the Kill for my gophers and I'm very satisfied with their service!
    First time I believe they caught 3 (set traps, and even used CO2 as the gophers were pretty settled in yards of our new home).  This time around they caught 1 and that did the trick. I believe it's been almost a year between these two visits.
    Very friendly staff, efficient and thorough. I received a call this morning since my 30 day service (the one service lasts unlimited visits for 30 days) is almost up. I appreciate them trying to come out again and reminding me before my 30 days is up.

    Carpet Beetle Control Sarah R.

    Carpet Beetle Control  These guys are awesome! We had a mole that, despite our best efforts, we could not get rid of.  We reached out to Go-Pher, they provided us a fair estimate and scheduled a day to come out.  Upon arrival they actual slightly decreased the estimate based on the size of our yard. A few days later, they came back and confirmed they caught the mole! They checked back a week later to make sure we didn't have any other intruders and set some bait to make sure they got everything.  What I was most pleased with, however, was the final follow up call we got yesterday.  They called to remind us that our 30 day guaranty period was almost over so just wanted to make sure we haven't had any additional problems.  Really awesome customer service!!

    Carpet Beetle Control Chelsea J.

    Carpet Beetle Control  They caught two gophers in one day. Do not wait to hire them. I tried everything to kill these rodents but was unsuccessful. They came out and set up traps and the next day two were caught. I wasted so much time trying to do it myself that the gophers ended up doing a lot of damage. I'm mad at myself for not calling them earlier.

    Carpet Beetle Control Rick H.
  • Carpet Beetle Control  I'd been dealing with gophers for a very long time. But once they started to get near the house, it was time to get help.  I saw the truck with the ugly gopher on it and decided that was the company to use.  Nick came out and set traps, returned the next day catching two of those buggers. Nick was very informative and helpful, answered all my exhausting questions. A big thank you.

    Carpet Beetle Control Vicki W.

    Carpet Beetle Control  Excellent company! I just recently completed installing a newly landscaped yard and after a few months of enjoying my yard- it stared to get attacked by gophers.
    I tired to deal with the issue myself (of ridding  the gophers ) for a couple of months with no luck.
    Then Nic came out and noticed the damage, set a few traps for overnight and when he came back the following morning - he was able to catch the 3 gophers that were behind my headaches.
    But what really set Nic apart - was after he was done with removing the gophers he took the time to remove the large dirt piles left by the gophers and blend it all back in to the existing landscaping like they were never there. Nic is awesome and will spend the time to give you some insight on gopher habits.

    Carpet Beetle Control Joe G.

    Carpet Beetle Control  Great service. We've been fighting the gophers for the last couple years with no luck. Called Go-Pher The Killer and they took care of the problem. We didn't even have to be home. 3 gophers were caught overnight with no sweat off my back. Great company

    Carpet Beetle Control Keith P.
  • Carpet Beetle Control  Highly recommend! Nic was so helpful and knowledgeable when it came to our specific situation. He answered all our questions and was very thorough. He showed us each step in the process of catching and removing the gophers and how to recognize new activity. These guys know what they're doing. Thank you Nic!

    Carpet Beetle Control Julianne M.

    Carpet Beetle Control  Go-Pher is awesome! You won't be disappointed with this company. I had a gopher problem on my property, which is a little over 1/4 acre, and Nic came out and set about 8 traps. He came by the following week and removed what he had caught, then baited the holes as a final barrier against future gophers. Nic was great! He was on time, very knowledgeable, and was in and out in less than an hour. Thanks Nic.

    Carpet Beetle Control Chris W.

    Carpet Beetle Control  The past two years we have had rat(s) in our attic.  We have used Go-Pher the Kill both times and have been extremely happy with their service.  Although we received the full month coverage, the rat was caught early and problem solved.  The pricing is good; we obtained other estimates before settling on this company.
    The "exterminator," Nick, is a very professional and courteous professional.  In addition to setting the traps, he gave up tips and adjustments to make to prevent a recurrence.  Perhaps if we had listened, we wouldn't have had a problem the next year!
    Overall, our experience with Go-Pher the Kill has been great and I have no problem recommending them for your pest killing needs.

    Carpet Beetle Control Derek B.
  • Carpet Beetle Control  I had a gopher problem that was driving me crazy and I decided to look for a professional to take care of my issue. After looking around and reading reviews I decided to give Go-pher the kill a call and I'm glad I did. They displayed great customer service and answered all my questions regarding their services. Nick came out to my house for the initial call and he was very informative and extremely professional when it came to gopher catching, he set a couple traps and bait and the following day he came back to discover that he caught two gophers in my lawn. I'm very happy with the service and decided to continue using Gopher the kill's monthly service. Thank you Nick.

    Carpet Beetle Control Haydee L.

    Carpet Beetle Control  I highly recommend this company for any type of pest control. They are professional, clean and always friendly. My house had issues with rodents, spiders, ants...when we bought it and these guys have kept ALL of them away for years now. If I do see a spider, I can just call and they'll come back out!

    Carpet Beetle Control Sara M.

    Carpet Beetle Control  Mike is very responsive to my requests and my technician takes the time to hear my concerns and addresses them very efficiently.  Best pest control I've had and intend to keep!

    Carpet Beetle Control Wt P.

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