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Carpet Beetle Control

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Carpet Beetle Control in Riverside CA

Carpet Beetle Larvae ~3mm long

There’s that cute little face!

You can find carpet beetles wherever suitable food exists. Carpet beetles are not particular about where they live, provided there is a food source. You find this type of dermestid in homes, museums, and even warehouses.

There are three species of carpet beetles common to California, and each species of beetle can cause significant damage to stored food, furs, fabrics, and carpet. These species are the varied carpet beetle, the furniture carpet beetle, and the black carpet beetle. Don’t concern yourself about which species you are dealing with; they are all controlled in the same way.

Contrary to what many people believe, the adult version of these insects does no damage to property. The most serious damage occurs when they are in the larval stage. These juvenile carpet beetles feed on leather, wool, silk, natural bristles on hairbrushes, fur, feathers, and pet hair. If it’s not a synthetic fiber, carpet beetle larvae will eat it and eventually destroy it.

Most home and business owners want to know how to control carpet beetles. More often than not, the best form of control is a professional exterminator. While there are over-the-counter products on the market, without the proper knowledge and training, spraying these products in the wrong areas can put you at risk for unnecessary exposure without successfully controlling the carpet beetles.

With specially formulated dust products, we can eliminate carpet beetles from just about every crevice of your home. We treat wall voids, attics, and other inaccessible places if necessary.

The varied carpet beetle can remain in the larval stage for up to 630 days. That is roughly two years of eating through your precious items. The black carpet beetle remains in the larval stage for up to 330 days and the furniture carpet beetle for up to 94 days. Imagine the amount of damage that these insects can do in that amount of time.

If you believe that you have a carpet beetle problem on your hands, call our professional team today. We are here to help you ride your structure of these insects for good. Call now!

Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control performs carpet beetle control in Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale, and surrounding areas.

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Carpet Beetle Control Services Offered

Because they are able to find food in the most obscure places, carpet beetles can be very difficult to control. Proper sanitation and exclusion are often effective at controlling these pests. At times, the application of professional-grade insecticides is necessary to eradicate the problem completely.

When you need to eliminate carpet beetles from your home or business, our team offers the following services:

  • Traps—We will lay sticky traps around the interior of your structure to determine the source of the carpet beetles. These traps are effective for monitoring the successful use of other control agents as well.
  • Elimination—Once we locate the main sources of the carpet beetle infestation, we will remove all of the insects that we can. We will then make suggestions regarding interior and exterior sanitation. We can also offer guidance as to the safe storage of fabric items.
  • Interior Treatment—We can often get into places that you cannot. With specially formulated dust products, we can eliminate carpet beetles from just about every crevice of your home. We treat wall voids, attics, and other inaccessible places if necessary.

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