Carpenter Bee Control

Carpenter Bee Control Riverside, Norco, Corona, Eastvale

Female Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees are BIG bees.  They are the largest bees in California.  Females are black with metallic reflections, and males are golden brown.  Both are around ¾” in length.  Many people mistake them for bumblebees given their size and buzzing noise.  Carpenter bees are not known for aggressive behavior but their nest building behavior can be very damaging to homes and property.

Female carpenter bees carve nests in wood and hollow it out with designs that can weaken structures.  Made to house eggs and food, their nests are often built of interlocking tunnels and several chambers. Once the larvae mature, the tunnels are vacated. Occasionally, the bees will return to old tunnels to store pollen and expand nesting areas.

Carpenter bees like to choose soft wood to bore into and may even take a liking to your home, barn, playground, or patio. Exposed wood without paint or bark is typically seen as the prime candidate for the insect to begin drilling.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Get Rid of Carpenter Bees Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale

Male Carpenter Bee

You can build exteriors with hardwood to ensure your structure is strong and protected. Hardwood is too difficult for the bees to bore into and is rarely chosen for nesting purposes. Fill in any depressions or cracks in the wood, as they are easy spots for bees to enter and begin working. Painting or varnishing the wood will also reduce the frequency of bee nesting.

Although they are less threatening than their more common counterparts are, people may dislike carpenter bees because they damage property through boring holes in their wood. Because they sound louder than other bees, they can be very frightening. However, the males cannot sting, and the females only sting when seriously provoked. Unlike other pests, they are more of an annoyance than an injury threat.

Carpenter Bee Control Service

If you notice holes around a ½” in diameter in structures on your property, there is a good chance you have (or have had) carpenter bees.  Pay attention for large bees around that area, especially in spring and summer.  If you see large bees, and you would like us to take a look at it for you, please give us a call as you may need carpenter bee control.  Go-Pher The Kill’s pest control experts can destroy nests and apply products that will prevent future use of those nests.


If you take the necessary steps to prevent carpenter bees from nesting, you should not encounter any problems. We can suggest a prevention plan as part of our overall pest control services. Call us today!

Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control performs carpenter bee control in Riverside, Corona, Norco, and Eastvale.

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