Bee Removal & Control

get rid of bees by bee removalBee control efforts aren’t always necessary.  However, there are real risks associated with bees.  In southern California the Africanized honey bee “killer bee” is here and established. Their aggressive behavior makes them unsafe to have around even at a distance.  When bees create hives in wall voids or attics, the moisture from the honey and comb can damage drywall and collapse ceilings.  People with allergies to bee stings must be especially careful as severe allergic reactions have been associated with human deaths.

Bee Swarms

A bee swarm is how a colony produces a new colony. Thousands of bees from an established colony leave in search of a new place to build a hive.  They will sometimes stop to rest and regroup.  This mass of bees may end up on a tree branch in your yard or on the side of a building.  It is a ball composed only of bees and can be the size of a football. The swarm will then produce a low humming sound to ventilate the area. This sound is typically what alerts people to the swarm.

If you ever encounter a swarm, be prepared. It can be frightening to see thousands of bees creating a humming sound (which looks like an aggressive behavior) near you, but simply heading in the other direction is a good start.  Swarms will usually move on within a few days.  Bee control is usually only needed for swarms if they start building a hive or are in an area of high traffic or children.

Most nests are found in hollowed out trees or elsewhere in nature. Many of the calls we receive are due to colonies that create hives in cavities of structures such as chimneys, house walls, or even barbecue grills.

What Type of Bee Colony Are You Dealing With?

Honeybees are usually tame and passive. However, their Africanized brethren are much less so. It is nearly impossible to tell them apart without a performing a DNA test, so it is best to be cautious and treat them all as Africanized. Do not attempt to throw a stick at them or spray them with water, as this only serves to aggravate them.

If the colony has established a nest, you may be dealing with over 100 pounds of honey and materials. Bee colonies are extremely damaging to your home, and they should be dealt with before they cause too much damage. We are bee removal experts and are licensed to use pesticides to kill and remove the bees.

If a colony has chosen your home to make their new nest, you need to seek the help of the professionals at Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control. We have specialized equipment to protect us from being stung. We will prep the area with everyone’s safety in mind. The bees will be abated and the hive will be removed.  Taking care to keep your home or office clean during and after our service is important to us.


Even after a bee hive has been removed a scent will still be present and may attract future scouts and colonies. By ensuring that the prior entry points are sealed, and that cracks do not exist in the walls leading to spacious cavities, we will eliminate the chance that a reinfestation will occur. Expandable foam and insulation can be used to fill spaces to prevent new colonies as well.

Our team is standing by to respond to your call. We handle everything with expert care and safe protocol. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control provides bee removal service in Riverside, Corona, Norco, and Eastvale.

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